Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hooked on that shit again
I thought I was protected
From this affliction
Some call an addiction
Where does your faith lie?
my deepest heart cries
Does this mean that
this is my new god?

I spend dollar after dollar
Each time giving up more power
As I slide into a mental decline
ignoring me and mine
Couched in self denial
My character on trial
Help on redial
Yet every time I choose
The destructive “vial”
Is this my new god?

What do you mean…
It’s not automatic?
Faith alone won’t stop it?
I got to step to the plate
And act upon it?
But it’s in the Word
it’s a promise!
So true what you’ve read
Is what my God… said
However, faith without works…
is dead!

Copyright © 2008 by White and Ramsey

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