Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Tribute - We Can Choose

I'd just like to share a reflective piece I wrote today entitled, "We Can Choose" for my monthly column over at Blogging in Black:

Hi Folks,

Good morning and welcome to “Dee Speaks” day at Blogging in Black. Right now I’m sitting in my quiet bedroom in Whitehall, PA, a far cry from Ozone Park, NY six years ago.

Six years ago, I was in my home office, working on the inventory for my online bookstore, my largest concerns were processing and filling orders, making sure my papers were done for Bible School and pulling myself together after my recent uncoupling. When my cell phone rang (a miracle in itself) I was startled out of my own little world by the sobbing of my daughter who was away at boarding school in MA.

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Friday, September 07, 2007


Good Morning,

It's the first Friday of September. The kids have gone back to school, the high school graduates are now freshmen and recent graduates have now embarked on new careers.

I spoke with my daughter this morning and she had a not so great day yesterday. It was her third day teaching third graders and they were testing her.

As she told me of some of the shenanigans and I tried not to chuckle, my mind played flashbacks of her at that age and our many weekend trips to the library sharing time reading a good book.

I pictured her doing the same with her students and I kinda sorta patted myself on the back for playing a part in her decision to share her love of knowledge with others.

I even came up with a new acronym for TGIF:

  • T - hank
  • G - od
  • I - 'm
  • F - ruitful!

That thought was swiftly followed by the following scripture:

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit ... fruit that will last." ~John 15:16a

As you go about your day, bear in mind the many opportunities presented to share your love of something with someone and thus plant a seed that might bear some fruit.

Have a wonderful day and an even greater weekend!

Monday, September 03, 2007

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Hey Folks,

Hope this lovely Labor Day finds you enjoying time with your friends and family. I've reactivated one aspect of my online family. My dating profile at BlackPlanet.com

Since then, I've been joining groups and running up and down the forums spreading my opinions like petals strewn before the bride on her wedding day.

I've also been using the opportunity to work on my poetry... some of them are eigh... but I'm working on spontaneity.

Anyway, the following question was posed by one of the men so I decided to share it with you and my response. Please feel free to chip in with yours.

~~Can Women Handle the truth or do you think they want to be pacified?~~

Can I handle the truth or do I want to be pacified?

I can handle the truth... I prefer it ... 9/10* hands down. Will it hurt ... sometimes. Is your truth my truth? Not all the time... but still good to know.

However, I reserve the right to nullify your decision to tell me the truth if your delivery encompasses:

- absence of tact…
- the bluntness of a 2 x 4…
- a public venue
- playing to an audience

Is preceded by or ends in one of the following:

- I don't mean to hurt your feelings but...
- I thought you’d want to know…
- I’m not supposed to repeat this, but…
- I'm just keepin' it real...

If you’re someone who has:

- never had a conversation with me…
- never had something good to say to or about anyone…

If I have:

- broken up with you recently…
- beaten u out for the promotion…
- busted u stealing from the church offering…
- previously caught u in lies…

If compliance with the above falls under pacification in your book, then by all means “pacify” me.


** The other 1/10 you’re on your own! I might either be PMS-ing or my elevator might not be going all the way to the top floor that day or whatever... be that as it may... my response could take any form.
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