Friday, September 15, 2006

Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating

Title: Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating
Author: D.S. White
Publisher: Divine Truth Press
Release Date: September 15, 2006
ISBN-10: 0977810305
ISBN-13: 978-0977810307
Paperback: 124 pages
List Price: $9.95 (Paperback)
E-Book: $3.99 (PDF)
E-Book: $3.99 (EPUB)


MEET DIVINE: female, thirty-seven, slaphappy, young at heart, self-employed; an online newbie, living in New York. She is fresh out of a long-term relationship and has completed the two-year mandatory wound-licking I-hate-men mourning period. Unfortunately for Divine, someone neglected to inform her that dating has been upgraded to new millennium level. But maybe she shouldn’t worry…hemlines aren’t the only things that have gone up.Thirty-somethings are premium dating material now…at least for the twenty-year-oldsDivine’s experiences are the basis for the serial memoir I call “Age Is Just a Number,” a lens through which to view the world of online dating.

About the Author:

Her motto: I am who I am by the grace of God

An avid reader, D.S. White is the former proprietor of an online African-American bookstore and wholesale dealership. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a back up plan for 9/11/01.

She is the divorced mother of a fabulous 21-year-old who is in her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania. D.S. White loves traveling but most of it to date has been done within the pages of a book. While planning that mother/daughter trip in the distant future, she’s tried her hand at acting, singing, dancing, modeling, cosmetology and sales.

A budding wordsmith, she has few credits to date which opened her eyes to the need for a place where writers of color could congregate, a Water Cooler, if you will. There writers of all levels of experience can find awards, contests, markets, scholarships and more, specifically geared to writers of color.

Aware of the need for reading material which accurately reflects the look and mindset of the person of color, she decided to do her part to facilitate the same. If you remember nothing else from her bio, remember that she loves God and is always happy to share what He’s done in and for her life.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Star is Born! - Part 2

Hi Folks,

I've just received an email from the director of the library. She will be placing an order for a copy of AIJAN tonight! Yeeee hawwwww!

In addition, the bottom of this post states that upon joining the mailing list your newsletter will contain the "secret site's" URL. That information has changed. Your finding the site has now become part of a three-day CONTEST:

See the latest newsletter and don't forget to subscribe! You gotta be in it to win it!

Yeah, I know ... I borrowed.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Star is Born!

Or something like that... LOL.

Hey people,

I'm iz back and have I got updates for you!

Well... updates and a little begging. The juice is loose! Not really, I
just had an all nighter so I'm loopy.

Now, now... think nice thoughts--I was typing and quite vertical, thank you verree much! LOL.

Anyways, the pic above is the final cover of AIJAN and as of last Thursday, I gave the printer the okay on my finalized proof and copies are being printed as we speak. The book is also available on Amazon, although my release date is not till September 15th ... grrrrr... but I'm too tired to fight with anyone right now.

Btw... I finally figured out what I wanna be when I grow up! A preaching author who does social work to pay her bills! Whaddaya think? LOL.

Seriously though, I'm doing a Temp gig at a children's agency and I'd say the timing was God's way of pointing me in the right direction. (Pardon me, if I'm rambling.)

Now to play catch-up, here are some links to posts written in the past month--If you're on one of my numerous mailing lists you will have seen one or two of the posts, but if not--grab a cup of coffee or your poison of choice and settle down for a bit of a read:

So there you have it ... all caught up now.

It's been a slow couple of months writing wise for me. What with bipolar overload, spates of connectivity loss and the finalizing of project AIJAN. Guess what? The work has only just begun!

Btw... did I mention that the Borders in my town will be carrying the book?

Yup, yup--I called them up and once I said the word local author it was on!

The library will also be ordering a couple of copies. I went by and I must shamefacedly admit that I was biased--I assumed that because the staff member I approached was Caucasian I'd have to do a hard sell. I forgot where I was--in a library with folks who love books ... period.

Once I said the word author, you would have thought I said Jesus! She ran off to get the director of the library and the next thing I knew I was autographing a copy of the book and promising to participate in a possible upcoming local author's do. I'm just so tickled pink!

So yeah... maybe I would do it all over again, just to experience that moment--maybe.

Thanks so much for all your patience and support. Oh, and I almost forgot: if y'all would start calling up your neighborhood bookstores/libraries and requesting AIJAN and acting REAL surprised when they don't have it. I'd love it a lot!

Now for the information I know y'all have been waiting for: where you can get AIJAN and how much of a discount you're going to get after waiting so patiently?

Well I've a standard 15% discount running for the general public; but for members of my lists I've created a secret site (as secret as a site can be on the Internet ... LOL) with special discounts and FREE reads and downloads. If you'd like to save an additional 5% and be privy to excerpts of my works in progress, join any one of my lists and you'll receive your copy of the newsletter within twenty-four (24) hours with the URL to the "secret site".

Yeah, yeah ... I know ... much drama, but cut me some slack I'm feeling mighty special right now--and that's special without the quotation marks ... LOL.

Peace and blessings,

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