Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank "You"

TV Watchin
then I answer the phone
and out of the blue
it's "You"
my heart doesn't sing
In your voice
there's a familiar ring
But I can't place the voice
So there is no choice
but to ask...
Who again are you?

you pause
as if to think up
your disclaimer clause
We're both surprised
cause this reprise
is playing with no lies
of omission
no feelings of attrition
just congratulatory words,
I'm proud of you!

I'd mentioned
before our previous
my book was released
in 2006
but maybe in the midst
of life's hits and kicks
the words didn't stay
and gradually slipped away
never to be recalled
by you

the perception
of previous rejection
who would have thought
after nerves so fraught
I'd see this place and time
my, it's almost sublime
because I've realized
the power and healing
that is mine
simply because of a call
from you

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hooked on that shit again
I thought I was protected
From this affliction
Some call an addiction
Where does your faith lie?
my deepest heart cries
Does this mean that
this is my new god?

I spend dollar after dollar
Each time giving up more power
As I slide into a mental decline
ignoring me and mine
Couched in self denial
My character on trial
Help on redial
Yet every time I choose
The destructive “vial”
Is this my new god?

What do you mean…
It’s not automatic?
Faith alone won’t stop it?
I got to step to the plate
And act upon it?
But it’s in the Word
it’s a promise!
So true what you’ve read
Is what my God… said
However, faith without works…
is dead!

Copyright © 2008 by White and Ramsey
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