Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Played

Played by Dana Davidson
Publisher: Jump at the Sun
Release Date: May 1, 2007
ISBN-10: 0786836911
ISBN-13: 978-0786836918
Genre: Fiction
Reading Level: Young Adult
Paperback: 240 Pages
List Price: $8.99
Reviewed by D.S. White

Dana Davidson, takes the quintessential teenage love story by storm and flips the script in a believable manner. How many of us know, remember or were the “not-quite-ugly” but “not-guaranteed-to-make-a-guy’s-tongue-hang-out” girl in High School?

Dana tells the tale of initiation and unexpected love without over-the-top drama and leaves us not only with likable main and secondary characters, but with a few messages.
  • ˆ’Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • ˆ’Be true to yourself
  • ’Even the popular people have issues
  • ˆ’Accountability for actions
A great read for this forty-one-year-old “teen”.

My Rating:

My Recommendation:

This title would make a great group discussion book to segue into teenage girls self-worth, self image, first times etc. It is also excellent for teenage boys to teach responsibility/accountability and to show both the possible outcome of giving into peer pressure

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: How to Interview Like a Pro

How to Interview Like a Pro
Title: How to Interview Like a Pro: 43 Rules for Getting Your Next Job
Author: Mary Greenwood
Release Date: December 2, 2010
Genre: Non-Fiction
Source: Author
Reviewed by: D.S. White


If you can’t seem to get the interviews and job offers you want, it’s time to learn How to Interview Like a Pro.

Written by longtime human resources director Mary Greenwood, the author of How to Negotiate Like a Pro and How to Mediate Like a Pro, this guidebook offers strategies and practical tips about the interview process. Learn how to prepare for your next interview and how to answer the difficult questions that leave other candidates stuttering.

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