Saturday, July 08, 2006

Girls Most Likely: A Novel

by Sheila Williams
Published by One World/Ballantine

paperback US$13.95
ISBN: 0345464761

About the book:
"We didn't know then that the dramas we imagined weren't even warm-ups for what real life held for us."

From the fifth grade to their fifth decade, Vaughn, Reenie, Susan, and Audrey have shared secrets and dreamed dreams -- their lives connected like silk threads through rich fabric, pulling but never breaking at life's unexpected twists and turns. Meet the girls most likely

To Write the Great American Novel: Vaughn has a flair for words that makes her the unofficial diplomat of the foursome. She's great at keeping it together for everybody -- but herself.

To Marry a Prince: Sassy Reenie can break hearts as easily as she can take out a bully without breaking a nail. But her live-for-today attitude leads to a tragic mistake that will haunt the girls for years.

To be Famous: From the ashes of a ravaged home life, amid rumors and bad feelings, Susan rises to fame as a glamorous network anchorwoman, proving that success is the best revenge. But forgiveness is another matter.

To Run the World: Audrey is the ultimate overachiever, but this takes a devastating toll on her health, her career, and her family. Perfection is a race where the finish line keeps moving. What will she sacrifice to win?

Girls Most Likely is an emotional, uplifting, often hilarious glimpse into the lives of today's ever-changing African American women, sustained by love, laughter, and sisterhood.

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About the author:
Sheila J. Williams was born in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Ohio Wesleyan University and is a graduate of the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. Sheila and her husband live in northern Kentucky.

For more information, please visit the author's Web site at


Dr. D said...

Hi Dee: Right off - thanks, you go and go and don't most likely...was to catch a bullet- I dropped out of high school and went into the Army during the draft of 1973. Folks who knew me then figured me to be the one who said "you said, what? Keep my what down?" Zing...and no more Dana. But...time has proved that didn't happen- but many of my friends did get their they have been the shoulders who have helped me find Jesus, finish college, finish the Ab.D., and in about six months have the book "God the multi-tasker" OUT! So...praise to your efforts and may He who keeps us all, keep you especially close, and thanks to God for the faith.


Evelyn said...

I was voted Most Likely to Succeed. I was planning a career in medicine at the time.

Well, thirty-nine years later, I am NOT in medicine. I am NOT rich (can't even pay my bills). And, I am NOT famous or even well-known. But, am I a success?

I just recently came to realize that, yes, I am a success.

You see, I have raised four biological children and seen them become productive citizens, christians, and with christian children of their own.

I have raised four adopted special needs children who are just venturing out on their own.

I have also taught special education for ten year, and see some of my students becoming productive citizens.

So, am I a success? I believe so.

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing Dana,

It was a pleasure reading your contribution. I look forward to helping you promote your title "God the Multi-tasker" sounds like a great read!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing Evelyn,

You most definitely sound successful. Kudos to you on realizing that!

Fran Friel said...

I was also voted most likely to succeed, but I suspect they thought I'd be a chemist. But I loved the idea of being a writer from the time I discovered Dr. Seuss. It took me several other careers to finally make my way back to writing, but here I am at last. So glad I finally made it.

Lovely blog.

Best Regards,
Fran Friel

Anonymous said...

I can't possibly read the text with this color as background.

Can you change it please.?

I have no time to copy and paste the content to find out later that it wasn't what I wanted to read.

Abigail said...

Well in my school they didn't have an actual most likely "voting". But I think for me I was considered the most likely to succeed, too. Well that's the closest to it, anyway.

I was a real nerd in school. And darned proud of it, too! Ask me what happened in a book (classics), and I can tell you. Ask me which composer wrote a ballet for the celesta, or what's in Act 4 Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Macbeth, or how to say "have a nice day" in Latin, or what cephalosporins were used for (a little of a show off too, really :P) The nicest thing anyone could say about me was that I was most likely to succeed. I think perhaps they expected me to go to med school, that was my passion. But my parents couldn't afford to, so I took up information sciences.

I would have liked to say that I was successful like Evelyn, but I haven't managed to do much in life yet so far. It's only been four years since I left high school.


Karla said...

Hi Dee,

I'm new to your site and have only received two newsletters so far. But i've enjoyed what i've seen.

Evelyn, I really enjoyed reading your post. i would definitely say that you are very successful. I give mad Kudos to all Mothers. It's one hard job and sometimes it's thankless. I'm not a mother, but I watched my sister and neice raise their children alone and it boggles my mind sometimes. I have to say that I really respect your taking on the responsibility to raise special needs kids. I was born blind and I know just how hard it was for my Mother rearing me...all the things she had to go through dealing with my surgeries, medications, rude doctors, etc. Again, Kudos, Evelyn.

Girls Most Likely To sounds like its gonna be a great read. I wasn't voted most likely to do anything. I barely made it above the radar of my senior class. I was voted as one of the smart girls, so I guess that's something. Although I haven't achieved the things I thought I would in high school, i've done better than I thoughtI would. The most important thing for me is that I have learned that this life is not about the destination, but the jurney. That knowledge has allowed me to accomplish allot and learn even more.

Karla B

Dee said...

Hey Anonymous,

I did change it but you never made it back to post... sorry about that. Maybe next time.


Dee said...

Hey Fran,

Aside from the chemistry thingy... you sound just like me... isn't writing just grand?

Dee said...

Hey Abigail,

Sounds like we would have gotten along great. Whaddaya mean you're not successful? With the dropout rate what it is... you made it through high school and onto college? Sounds like the sweet smell of success to me!

Dee said...

Hey Karla,

Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing! Sounds like your mom did a great job with you!

Now I've got a dumb question. What enables you to read my newsletters?

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