Thursday, April 05, 2007

Contest - Where Am I?

Hi Folks,

In this contest you get to be the writer!

Check out the pictures of me and write a paragraph of about 200 - 300 words about where you think I am and what I could possibly have been doing at that point in time.

Humor wins major points. The winning paragraph will be printed here and run in one of my newsletters and the author will get $5.00 fat dollars sent via PayPal. I know, I know... I'm a big spender and I shouldn't spend it all in one place... but hey... I gotta share... right?

Oh I forgot... these things should have deadlines right? Okay well how about a month? So the entries will be closed at midnight on May 5th and then we can all decide by poll votes which paragraph wins. In the case of a tie... I'll decide the winner.

Send in your submissions via the Contact Me page of my Website. You may cut and paste your paragraph into the "service you require" section of the form then hit submit.

I'm looking forward to reading your entries. Let's have fun with this!


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