Friday, May 27, 2005

Elected By Grace

In last week’s topic “Elected by God” we heard that election can be the choice of a specific individual to some office or to perform some special service. We also heard that election is a dual process. God chose humanity to be just like Him; humanity had a choice; Adam’s choice was disobedience. We also heard that God can use anyone:

Like Moses who felt inadequate to speak to Pharaoh because of his stutter, Abram who was childless, yet God promised to build a nation and a people for Himself out of Abram’s descendants, Saul who was zealous but shooting baskets for the wrong team until he had an encounter with God during a game, and last but not least, Rivers in the Desert Community Church, small in number but charged to do large things for God.

We also heard that, as in the case of Abraham, sometimes the election by God calls us to separate ourselves from family members, family ties, emotional baggage or a train of thought inherited from our ancestors, in order to go where God would have us to go and to accomplish that which He would have us accomplish to His honor and glory. Kinda like Rivers in the Desert, we’ve left some stuff behind, and left a couple of places, to end up in the location we are in today, knowing that with God, timing and location are key.

Which brings us to this week’s topic, “Elected by Grace” and what it means to us as Christians.

I must admit…I searched my head for the perfect “hook” in continuing this series that Pastor so eloquently kicked off. That prideful side of me…the side that pushes me to want to measure up, be just as good as…or even come a little close, was working overtime during what has proven to be a stressful week.

Nevertheless…I came up with one…“Chosen: Now What?” Doesn’t that just grab you right off the bat? But somehow, no matter how I worked it, twitched it and tweaked it…it kept me focused exactly where I didn’t want to go. It kept the emphasis on the work of a Christian, when our topic is firmly about the state of Grace. So sadly…I retired the brilliant (in my opinion) hook…and reverted to the assigned title.

“Elected by Grace”—not splashy, but right on target.

Grace:-Favor or kindness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives it and in spite of what that person deserves.

The very definition of grace addresses those of us today, who as Christians have gotten into the habit of thinking that our doodoos or gases don’t stink. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about those of us who’ve served a dish or two during fellowship hour, maybe sang a song or two during service, swept a floor ever now and then, typed up a bulletin or two and/or contributed faithfully. Having done one of more of the above, we feel justified enough to look around, decide who’s not working at all, or maybe not working hard enough (in our estimation) and devise tasks in our minds that are perfect for their “gifting.” Some of us may have even been bold enough to address the person(s) directly or broached the topic with the Pastor, as though expecting applause or a medal for our “assistance.”

But this morning, I thank God for Grace. Not only is it humbling, it is also a great equalizer. For it makes us realize that no matter who we are, or what we do, it makes no difference to God, where election is concerned. Grace:-None of us deserve it, yet God chose to extend it…because He loves us.

We in turn, choose God because He calls us. How does He call us? Through the proclamation or preaching of the gospel of Jesus the Christ; through the witnessing of believers to those they interact with on a daily basis, through the scriptures made freely accessible by various organization and believe it or not, through the many hardships and disappointments we experience in our lives. We choose God because He first chose and called us to Himself. In all instances, God is the initiator.

When things are free, there is the tendency to rush to embrace it, then…after a while, it begins to lose value because it cost us nothing. We take it for granted. I want to suggest, or maybe I should say remind us this morning that, that free item, may have cost us nothing, but somewhere, somehow, sometime…someone had to pay a cost to provide us with that free item. In the case of Grace, the someone, was Jesus the Christ and the cost was His life. The book of Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 tells us that He was wounded for our transgressions (wrongdoings), crushed for our iniquities (sins); upon Him was the punishment that made us whole, and by His bruises we are healed. We, you and I, exist because of His grace; we walk in health because we need not be crippled by emotional, spiritual and/or mental agonies caused by the weight of our sins. Therefore, we dare not be complacent of the gift of Grace that is our very lives.

Jesus never has nor will ever be a complacent God. When He said, “It is finished.” from the cross, had He been complacent, He could have stopped there. After all, as the sacrificial lamb, His blood had already been shed, He’d taken on our sins, suffered the anguish of being separated from His Dad in a way He’d never experienced before. The lines of communication were down and all He had was His faith that His Dad still loved Him, while He was away on assignment.

But no…although “It is finished.” seemed a fitting end; in actuality…it had just begun! “It is finished” was the public demonstration of our very election by God before the foundation of the earth. What was finished? The reign of Satan was finished; what was finished? The restoration of the relationship between God and mankind was finished. Jesus committed, entrusted, returned His Spirit to its source of origin, the Father, for safekeeping and went to the pits of hell. There He suffered untold agonies, but He was still on the job, taking back everything the devil stole from us. Our joy, our hope, our love, our ability to trust, our lost family members and He rose triumphant on the third day in all power and glory.
Having broken the chains of death and restored mankind to right relationship with God, He returned to sit at the right hand of the Father where He’s still on the job, whispering in His daddy’s ear intercessory words for you and I.

Jesus’ resurrection entailed ramifications that Satan doesn’t want you and I to fully realize. That’s why he’s on the job 24/7, trying to ensure that our focus becomes the disappointments we experience during the week, the heartache we suffer at the hands of our loved ones, (for no one can hurt us like the ones we love) the insecurities that beset us when facing the unknown, the loneliness that attacks us in the wee hours of the morn and on and on just to keep our heads spinning, so we won’t have a moment to stop and think.

‘Cause when you stop and think, you might think of Jesus hanging on the cross, just to pay a debt that you couldn’t pay. A sin debt…the wages of which were clearly death. But through His grace, He chose you and He elected me, not through any actions or deeds of our own, but because He loves us so much.

He loved us so much that He left us an inheritance. What did we inherit? Let’s see:

 Salvation – He saved us from our sins
 Redemption – He bought back our sin IOU’s
 Justification – We now appear blameless before God
 Longevity – We can live forever
 Grace – Free unmerited favor
 Power – To cast down strongholds, to resist temptation, to praise, to forgive, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons...yes…all of that…and more

Aside from the six heavies I just mentioned, we also inherited a friend that put His life on the line for us, one who shares all knowledge with us, and the clincher…the ability to do all things in His strength.

Of course, as with anything freely given, there are stipulations. So attached to that inheritance is the responsibility to produce lasting fruit. Fruit? Did someone say fruit? So there’s food involved? Not quite. Fruit here refers to the people in our immediate circle, like our family, friends, (for the single among us) your significant other, co-workers and that person beside you on the bus or train every morning.

Fruit comes in all shapes and sizes and range in taste from sweet to downright tart! Some have prickly outsides some are smooth. Some have seeds that are edible, some not. Some are juicy some are dry. As many variations as there are to fruit, the same applies to the condition and/or state of mind of your average human being alive today. Both have something in common, without proper handling…they won’t last.

Even though some of us may have a hard time sharing our faith, and yes, some folk, like Pastor Ricketts, are gifted at it, the Bible clearly indicates that evangelism is for everyone, in fact it is considered to be a fruit of the spirit! Yes, that means that Pastor Ricketts, Min. Swangin and I, aren’t the only ones with the responsibility to say, Jesus loves you!
As someone chosen by Grace and set aside to do work for God, you’ve got something inside you that God wants you to share with someone who doesn’t know about or hasn’t experienced Him. What? How grace abounds in your life, how grace saved you, how grace keeps you. Think about it, you awaken every day…grace. You have the ability to walk, talk, think, hear and see…grace, grace, grace, grace and grace. You’ve got family and friends who love and look out for you…grace. You have a place to sleep at night…grace. The many little things you and I take for granted that others can’t do, don’t have or will never have are reason for us to be thankful for grace in our situation and mindful of our complaints and to whom we complain.

It is our responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus the Christ with those we come into contact with daily. A good thing to remember is that our actions and our attitude are as much or even more of a testament to what we say we believe. So we need to be gracious in our everyday dealings with others in the same way that God is gracious to us. Will any of this earn us any more or less grace? No. The fact is that we need only have faith in Jesus Christ to be afforded this Grace. However, since we had to hear…before we believed, our responsibility is to share this news with all who would listen. I know we sometimes have the desire to hug and hoard good things to ourselves, but the good news is: Grace is not like a one day sale at Macy’s where either the merchandise is gonna run out or the day will end…God’s grace is endless!

Someone might be thinking right now…but Sis Dee, that doesn’t seem like much of an inheritance, because I’ve got bills, I can’t seem to pay. To which God says, If you make yourself at home with me and my words are at home in you, you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon. In other words, your relationship with God and knowledge of His words, directs your prayer success rate. Your relationship with God, defines the “whatever” mentioned here. For example, if you and your earthly parent communicate about everything, you’ll know what they like or dislike as well as their financial circumstances and what they’ll be willing to give you. Same thing with God…closeness with Him (via the Word) enables you to know that praying for the car, the house, the money, doesn’t make sense because they are temporary. Now, if you pray for the help of the Lord, fullness of the Spirit, fullness of joy and/or wisdom and you do so in faith…not only will your prayer success rate improve in leaps and bounds…some of that other stuff will come as well.

But Sis Dee, I’m shy and no one listens to me anyway. To which God says, I did not give you a spirit of cowardice (fear), but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline. In other words, don’t underestimate your God given ability to do. When faced with Satan’s projection of your insecurities, be proactive in your thinking. Start out with what you can do…and how many of you know that with God…all things are possible? Amen? Amen.

But Sis. Dee, I don’t know what to say. To which God says, You didn’t choose me, remember I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil. As fruit bearers, whatever you ask the Father in relation to me, He gives you. In other words, the Spirit will help you and three things to remember:

 He lived
 He died
 He rose

Tell them what those three things have meant in your life and how they too can experience it.

The key thing to remember is that God is the initiator in all things, and as the one who gave the assignment; He’ll also give you the words to say. All you have to do is be willing to open your mouth and trust He’ll be with you.

And there’s always someone literal in the crowd, so for you literal folk who are probably thinking about the fact that fruits are so expensive because they spoil so easily. I’m so glad you thought about that, because that gives me the opportunity to define “lasting fruit” and “fruit that spoils.”
Suppose we see the lasting fruit as the people we invite to church, tell about our experience with God who respond to God’s elective call by choosing to be saved as the lasting fruit. Then if we see the fruit that spoils easily as those people we hold on to that add nothing but a funky smell or rancid taste to our lives. Those would be the relationships with folk who’ve never had a positive thing to say to or about us in our entire lives, but still we associate ourselves. In our bid to be loved or maybe to love others as Jesus loved us, we need to be clear that in our loving, we can pray for them, be polite to them, but we need not spend excessive time with them.

Why? Did you ever notice how you can place two fruits beside each other, one healthy, one spoiled. To date, (and feel free to supply pictures and documentation if you’ve heard something to the contrary), in my almost forty years, I’ve never heard of the good apply rectifying, saving and/or restoring the whole bunch. But I sure did hear and sing that song about “One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch girl!”

Although I highly doubt anyone is going to be banging my door down with a report of an organically grown apple that managed to rectify, save and restore the whole bushel. But continuing the fruit analogy, I do hold in my hand, proof, that such an apple existed. Some call Him Yeshua, some call Him Savior, and this morning I call Him love.

And this morning He says to us:

I, God, am love. Before you existed, I chose you to be my ambassador…so that I can express my love through you.

Will you respond to His call?

A God Who Forgives

"Forgiveness – the act of excusing or pardoning others in spite of their slights, shortcomings, and errors. As a theological term, forgiveness refers to God’s pardon of the sins of human beings."

At some point in our lives we’ve all been in the position of wanting forgiveness or being asked for forgiveness. Sometimes we give it, sometimes we withhold it, sometimes we receive it, and sometimes it is withheld from us.

In fact, I’d even be daring enough to say that one or two of you reading this article has had an act perpetrated against you that you find hard to forgive and just about impossible to forget. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that the perpetrator is probably lucky that the old eye-for-an-eye adage is no longer enforced, or they’d be utilizing a seeing-eye-dog, right about now.

But maybe you’ve been one of the lucky ones who made it through childhood without any major league traumatic experiences, but you just love to hold a grudge. If asked why you weren’t speaking to the grudgee, you probably couldn’t even say, because all you recall, is that somewhere, someway, somehow, and/or at some time, they hurt your feelings.

But for those of us who didn’t escape the trauma, how do you forgive the unforgivable? I mean, how do you forgive someone for taking, by force, that which you didn’t offer? How do you forgive the resultant self-hatred? How do you deal with the fact that the one who was supposed to protect you, instead violated you? How do you forgive the loss of hope? Or muffle the incessant refrain of “Why me…Lord?”

How do you forgive the husband or boyfriend who uses you as a punching bag, because he loves you, and you just keep on doing things to make him mad? How do you forgive the parents who abandoned you to the mercies of the state; The resultant bouncing around from foster home to foster home, where more often than not the foster parents cared more about the paycheck they received than your welfare?

How do you forgive the furtive gropings and invasion of your person you endured while being told it’s because I love you, but don’t tell anyone, because it’s too special to share so it’s our little secret? How do you forgive the best friend who should have had your back, but while you were working overtime to pay the bills, she was working overtime on your man?

How do you deal with these injustices?

May I suggest to you that it is possible to forgive what seems unforgivable? Am I denying the fact that you were hurt? No. Am I negating your pain? Never! But what I want to propose to you today, is that weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning! I know, beautiful prose! But what does it mean, really? I’m so glad you asked.

It means that your pain has a time limit, a season if you will, and a purpose under heaven. I’ll even go so far as to say that the catalyst for the cessation of pain is directly tied up in forgiveness. In order for you to move on to the next step, which is healing, you need to give the gift of forgiveness to the offender and most importantly, to yourself.

In my struggle to work towards forgiveness, I read and re-read Jesus’ last moments on the cross. I imagined there was some pain but I couldn’t quite empathize. The passion of Christ, I was told, which came out last year around Easter, did an excellent job of portraying His agony. I never did get to see it, because I’m a bit squeamish. But I just couldn’t let it go. After some rooting around on the web, I found this article which delineates the medical complaints of Jesus on the cross:

I don’t know about you but when I’m in pain, I’m short tempered (which means I’m less than my usual tactful self, even a little mean spirited, sort of that "misery loves company" mindset). I want to be alone, by myself. No hovering, no fussing, just thinking about no one else but me. Just a little bit short of a pity party.

After reading the true nature of Jesus’ injuries, and the fact that He refused the combination of gall and myrrh, which would have served to dull His pain, I found His fortitude and lack of vindictiveness uncommon. As I re-read the scriptures describing His last moments on the cross, I marveled at how He took time out to say “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

So, again I pose the question. How do you forgive the unforgivable? Or maybe I should ask. Is it really that hard to forgive? Or are you holding onto your hurt, out of habit? Might you just be holding on, because it’s all you’ve known for five, ten, fifteen or maybe even twenty years?

Has it become like a familiar companion? You know exactly what to expect from it. It won’t ever disappoint you; it’s there when you need it. As a reason not to try something new, or when you need a scapegoat for every thing that has ever gone wrong in your life. It’s there beside you as you watch the world go by, saying “if only”, “when I,” or “I could have.” Stunted, unmoving, crippled by your memories.

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

May I suggest that you follow the example of A God who forgives? One who has and will never ask of us, what He hasn't done Himself, for He was fully God, yet fully man. He experienced every bit of agonizing pain the cross-offered, but still, His love for us superseded that of His pain, while He took time out to see to our forgiveness.

During His ministry, the question was asked, how often should I forgive…7 x 7? The answer was 70 x 7. I’m sure right now someone is thinking, but if I keep forgiving, they’ll keep on doing it! Maybe, but our forgiveness is dependent on our forgiving others. Even as we go to pray, if it comes to mind that we haven’t forgiven someone, we are to stop praying and forgive, in order to avoid any hindrance to our communication with God.

Unforgiveness hinders our communication with God? It most surely does. To remain unforgiving, you have to nurse the hurt, recall it quite frequently, harden your heart. In essence you slowly poison yourself with bitterness. The bitterness acts as a wall between God and us.

Why do we need to forgive?

Two reasons:

  1. Matthew 6:14: which states “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you;”
  2. Romans 6:23 states that “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Which means that no matter how big or small the disobedience, the punishment is death. Right about here, we get comfortable, because we’re confident in the fact that we love God, haven’t murdered, raped, committed adultery, blasphemed against the Holy Spirit, robbed a bank, embezzled funds or run over anyone with our car. Which is all good, but don’t get too comfortable just yet. If you’ve never told a lie, been envious, run a red light, stolen a quarter from your parents, jaywalked, listened to gossip, failed to return a library book, cheated, or disobeyed God in any way; if you’ve done everything you were ever supposed to do every single time…then you have no need to forgive. But for the rest of us, the following are some practical steps towards the process of forgiveness:
  • Choice -- Decide you are going to forgive
  • Love –Allow love to continue flowing – don’t shut down or close yourself off
  • Faith -- Realize that we forgive by faith, not by feeling: Utilizing faith allows us to act as if a thing is so, in order that it may become so. In other words…you may start out faking it, but your genuine desire to act on your faith will connect you to God’s store of faith for you.
  • Obedience--We must forgive others if we don’t want to disobey God and break our fellowship with Him. As Christ forgave us without being asked we may need to forgive others who have not nor will ever ask our forgiveness. The forgiveness may be undeserved, but the reward of healing and reconciliation makes it worthwhile.
  • Forget --You must be willing to forget past hurts. Forget about it. Stop willfully calling it to mind. Or if it does come to mind consciously replace it with a good memory or find something positive you learned out of the bad memory. You may even want to print out some scriptures dealing with forgiveness like Matt. 6:14, Romans 6:23 on an index card and carry it around with you, to whip out when needed.
  • Prayer – Pray for the offender, a biggie, I know
  • Turnover -- Give the hurt to God. Resolve to let it go.

I think the hardest thing for me to get about forgiveness is that it wasn’t about me, it’s about obedience to God and in my obedience I reap the reward of being released from the yoke of my hurt. I had to realize that accepting grace meant I had to be responsible enough to show grace myself. I had to remind myself of how I felt when I discovered that no matter what I had done previously, God still loves me. Or if you can’t relate, I reminded myself that no matter what a screwup I was or still am at times, my family loves me.

Forgiveness is about passing on that kind of revelation, to others who have no concept of it themselves.

Maybe you’re on the top of someone’s feces list and you feel the weight of their unforgiveness. Or maybe you’re sitting there feeling the weight of the unforgiveness you have towards yourself, because sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.

No worries, the only sin God will not forgive is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which is giving Satan credit for acts of God, accomplished by the Holy Spirit. This sin is unpardonable, not because God cannot or will not forgive such a sin but because such a hard-hearted person has placed Himself beyond the possibility of repentance and faith.

If you’re one who’s never accepted the forgiveness/salvation/justification/love of God. Trapped in the notion that you’re not worthy of forgiveness, because folks have told you repeatedly that you’re nothing, you’ve been nothing and you’ll never amount to anything and somewhere along the line, you started believing them. Or if you have accepted and got a little sidetracked and feel that you’ve tracked too far to return.

I’m here to assure you today that God is A God who forgives!

He is clear when He states that He came not for those who have their acts together but He came for the screwups, like you and I. His forgiveness is available to all who would choose to receive it.

Three steps:

1) Repent
2) believe it
3) receive it!

He meets you at the point of your need. As you step forward, He’s ready and willing to embrace you to His bosom, He’s the shepherd who will leave the whole flock undone, searching out the one mislaid sheep.

Will you come?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Strong Black Woman is Dead! Or is She?

This was written as my response to the original obituary of the strong black woman. Hope you like it...

The Strong Black Woman is Dead! Or is She?

No she's not dead
she's just experienced a rebirth.

Through the memories
of her daughters and granddaughters
who have learned
from her triumphs and failures
and realized
that strength is knowing
when to ask for help
when to cry out
when to be silent;

She's realized
that what she's experienced
does not define or confine her
that pride which prohibits healing
is no longer a banner
but a prison;

She's realized
that she is a word spoken from God
and as such
will not
return to Him void.
In essence she's come full circle
in realizing that
servitude was not the problem
just the master she served;

She's realized
that being proactive
is much more effective than being reactive
so she chooses her battles wisely
knowing when to fight
and when to let it go
her choice of weapons being
an education
proper financial planning
and community involvement
to enrich the next generation;

She's realized
that it rains on the just and the unjust
so she's chosen
not to harbor
a sense of injustice;

She's realized
that comparisons are self-defeating
so she's chosen
to celebrate her uniqueness
and strive for her personal best;

She's realized
that loving
not giving up on the black man
is key
so she's chosen
to start with her brothers
uncles, cousins, nephews
sons and grandsons
for she knows
the viral power of love;

She's realized
that submission to her mate
does not equate servitude
so she's chosen
to embrace the peerless system
of checks and balances
as designed by God;

But most of all
she's forgive
live in the present
and love...always love.
which takes
uncommon strength.

Copyright © 2005 by D.S. White, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Limits You?

What can I say? How many start over at 40? Despite the "it's-all-downhill-from-here" mindset perpetuated by the folks of yesteryear...I'm finding 39 (almost 40) to be a time of new biginnings, realizations of dreams and more.

I'm now dusting off my cobwebs, growing up, joining the adult world and beginning to feel at home in my space.

I recently discovered...(as of last Saturday)...that I can write songs! Lyrics, music and all. Do I play an instrument? No. Can I hear music in my head...surely! I was pushed, pummelled, cajoled, coerced into putting something together for a friend. I started out with..."but I just sing...I don't know how to write songs!" and by the end of the day...I was like..."I can do this!"

All this time...the only one limiting me...was me. In my head, a prerequisite for writing music was the ability to play an instrument...and since I don't...ergo...inability to compose...

Hello... computer software and a creative mind? Well that's my rushed rant... for today.


Whether you need guitars for your music debut, or a new set of drums to kick off your creative music process find what you need here.

Monday, May 23, 2005

What Do I Sing?

Welcome to my music video page. Here are a few videos of me and the trio of which I am a part, Divinity_3_o and for the last video, it’s actually Divinity_3_o + 1 (our former choir director before I assumed that hat.

What Do I Design?

I’ve finally decided to make a home for some of my designs, so stay tuned as I add more links:
  1. Apartment Complex Newsletter Samples (PDF)
  2. Author Newsletter Samples (html / PDF)
  3. Business Card Samples
  4. Church Bulletin Samples
  5. Church Event Postcard Samples
  6. Church Event Flyer Samples
  7. Church Newsletter Samples (html / PDF)
  8. Envelope Samples
  9. Letterhead Samples
  10. Women’s Ministry Sample Brochures

What I Believe

What do I believe? In a nutshell?

  • He lived
  • He died
  • He rose

The He to which I refer is my Big Brother, Jesus the Christ. As His younger sibling, my purpose in life is to share with all who would read or listen, what those three things have meant in my life and how you, too, can experience it.

The scripture says that faith comes by hearing the word, and believing in your heart that Jesus is who He says He is and that His blood shed on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice necessary to accomplish forgiveness of all sin. (Past, present and future).

Hearing and believing alone won’t cut it though. It is necessary to demonstrate your faith by acting, making a conscious decision to choose God. A response, if you will, for His generous grace shown towards us.

How do you to this?

  1. By acknowledging out loud that you have sinned
  2. Believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead; and then
  3. You will be saved!


Why Do I Blog?

I blog because I’m happy
I blog because I’m free…lol

Seriously though, I was one of those kids who took to the diary craze like the thirsty to a drink of water. Perhaps because of the fact that everything was internalized in my family, no one spoke about their thoughts, feelings, dreams or ambitions. At least, not that I can recall. We were all frantically trying to survive the dysfunction that was our daily lives.

So upon being introduced to the idea of journaling at fourteen, I took to it like a duck to water. There I could elaborate on my angst, my confusion, my questions, my desires without being shut down or back handed for back chatting.

This joy was however curtailed at fifteen, when I came upon my mother reading my diary. I’d forgotten to lock it that day. She then proceeded to question me about several entries, demanding explanations for my thoughts! Ah the betrayal I felt at the invasion of my privacy and on top of that I could not voice my anger, because that would been have considered “rudeness”.

I don’t think I ever forgave her for the unfairness of that. It just took the joy right out of journaling for me and I quit it. Now that I think about it, that probably had a direct correlation to the angst I began to experience, for it’s a proven fact that journaling is cathartic and self-revelatory.

It bothered me so much that as an adult I mentioned it to her and that I felt she was wrong to invade my privacy like that, then question me about it. Wouldn’t you know she stuck to her guns and asserted her right as a parent to know what was going on with me?

While as a parent myself I understand the need to know and the concern fueling her curiosity, I still believe it was wrong of her to read it. I did try to learn from that incident, though. I did buy my daughter a diary, encouraged her to utitilize it, and no I didn’t read it. I did however let her know the purpose and use of a diary, while stipulating that if there was anything, anything at all she didn’t understand, she’d always have an open ear. And that if I didn’t appear approachable, there was always her grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin etc.

So I’ve journaled on and off over the years, and embraced the computer era by beginning a file on a home computer. I had great stuff on there, funny, hilarious and downright zany moments—all lost to a virus. Lesson learned? Backup discs.

Upon learning about blogging via a post in one of my yahoo writers’ groups…I took a peek at one and loved the simple clean lines as well as the fact that it dated, organized and archived for you as well. I thought about it for ooo a sec, then opened up an account of my own. This started out as an all about me moment, but the more I wrote, and people responded to just my everyday thoughts, the more I realized the power of the written word.

So since I’ve been thinking for about 39+ years now…I decided that some of what I’ve thought and researched and experienced over that time frame, might benefit someone else, besides me.

So please take a look around to see which category suits your needs.

Welcome to my world,


In accordance with FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers, I would like readers to know that the books introduced/reviewed on this site are either personal purchases, left over inventory, discovered on the web or provided free of charge by the publisher, publicist or author of the book in exchange for an introduction and/or honest review. I am an affiliate, so many links will direct you to online stores. If you make any purchase through my links, I will receive a small commission. In order to support this site, some posts will also be sponsored.

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