Saturday, February 08, 2014

I Worship You

So far…today has truly been a day of worship for me.  It began around 3:25 am when I dragged my still sleepy self out of the dregs of sleep to finish some necessary tasks for my church.

But before I began I, of course, had to check my email and Facebook page and was I glad I did because I found this lovely declaration posted on my eldest sister, Ann-Murry’s page:
I love the Lord. My God I adore you; I worship you with all my mind, heart, body and soul.
That gave me some wake up juice because one of my favorite songs came to mind, a rendition of which has been sung by my favorite now sadly deceased diva Whitney, I Love the Lord,quickly followed by To Worship You I Live.

So with those songs playing in the back of my mind, I had my own little worship session as I speedily accomplished the tasks at hand.

I was ready when my ride arrived to pick me up for our weekly Saturday morning prayer at church, followed by a meeting about Life’s Healing Choices and breakfast…yum! Then onto choir rehearsal which is always a ton of fun!

Right before doing the bulletin for tomorrow’s service… I decided to check Facebook again (no…I do not usually spend this much time on Facebook) and my friends had some presents for me!

My friend Jazu, who helped me with my first directorial commercial debut shared this picture and I must agree and ask you please to join me in asking this person or persons to stop:

And the pièce de résistance, as the French would say, was this fabulous “moment of worship!” Please click and take a moment to give Him some praise. He is truly worthy and deserving of all the glory. We truly could not appreciate the good, if we did not encounter some bad. We could not have faith if we had not overcome our fears. so take a moment to press the pause button which in this case would the the button marked play.


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