Friday, September 20, 2013

Reminiscing: Weddings and Bridesmaids Dresses

I love weddings. Since I was a child I have attended numerous weddings, from the simple backyard ceremony to the fanciest of halls. Two things have always vied for my attention at these affairs, the food and the gorgeous dresses.

Considering that fascination, it was quite ironic that when I got married, I eloped and had a justice of the peace wedding. There was no gorgeous gown, no bridesmaids, no fabulous food–just my best friend who came with me and someone who worked there for him.

Unfortunately all those romantic mores about looking for the one who completes you, are just that–romantic mores. It is better to look for someone who complements who you already are because two halves do not a whole make; fractions just make for a splintered relationship and when you factor in our extreme youth, it was a recipe for a dysfunctional marriage. To give us credit, we hung in there as long as we could though, because our marriage resulted in the creation of a beautiful and brilliant daughter. However, we parted ways to a sad divorce.

After pulling together the shards of my life, raising my daughter and taking care of my mom, I vowed that it is now my time and were the Lord to make it possible, this time around I’m going for the gown and the bridesmaids. Nothing crazy or too ostentatious but  enough to realize the unfulfilled dream of the nineteen-year-old me.

I already know what I want for myself, so I’ve been working on the part where most brides fall short–the bridesmaid dresses. Just so you can see a bit of my taste, here are a few of the bridesmaid dresses from 2013 that I like. I can’t wait to see what will be new for 2014. Whoever comes my way this time, I aim to be prepared and a little less spontaneous.


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