Friday, June 24, 2016

What Comes Out of You?

Hi Folks,

The following question was posed recently in one of my online groups:
Do any of my sistas get into poetry/writing? If so, please let me know. This is a passion of mine. Just wondering if anybody was out there!!!!!!!!!
Immediately I responded by saying that I'm not a poet(ess) per se, but every once in a while, I get blessed.

I pointed them to my sparse contributions. When I thought about it some more I realized that every instance of creation, was proceeded by a moment of strong emotion or angst. This in my book doesn't make me a poet(ess), however it does make me great at channeling what is in me and pouring it out in a fashion that makes it of value to myself and others.

Some examples of poetry of value, would be that of Maya Angelou, Helen Steiner Rice and the King James Version of Psalms.

Each manage to incorporate one or more of the following into what came out of them: Flow, impact, motion, evolution, (not the theory of, but the fact that it begins one place and ends somewhere else), inspiration, comfort, affirmation, heart break, and so much more.

I have written many poems since I was fifteen, some have been lost in moves from one apartment to another, and alas, I am horrible at remembering them. It's as though once I get them out of me, the cathartic effect kicks in and I can no longer remember them...all except my very first poem entitled: 

A Friend

I wonder in this world today
if anyone has a friend?
Not someone who hates you
and pretends to like you
But someone one who's really sincere

*A friend who is loving
and also real giving
So when you need her she's there

How can you tell if your friend is sincere?
and how can you tell if she's not?
It's really a matter of trust because
a friend comes with no guarantee.

* that verse right there is iffy cause I thought I remembered it all, but as I began to type it up, I realized whoopsie ... I didn't quite remember it all. But you guys get the gist... right?

So now that leads us to the question of the day. In moments of strong emotion or angst. What do you create? What comes out of you?

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Shelia said...

I've been writing poems since I was a little girl. I don't write poems as much as I used to do though but I want to get back to it. It's a great stress reliever.

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